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About Marie Smth

Nice to meet you here!

My name is Marie Smth, and I’m the founder of this design studio. Also, I am the brand designer and illustrator.

Here you can find a short presentation about me.

I have been working in design since 2010. Last years, I combine design, marketing, business, and teaching.

I have a lot of experience in design, marketing, and business.

Design experience

I got a bachelor's degree in Arts in 2012, but I've started to work as a freelance designer in 2010. I've been working with branding, identity, and advertising design.

I worked as a UI/UX designer in different companies. I did some projects for Mastercard mobile, Wargaming, and Alfabank.

2010 - 2011: Graphic Designer in Advertising agency "Sarafannoe radio", Gomel, Belarus.

2011: Graphic Designer in Design studio "Concept", Gomel, Belarus.

2012-2013: Freelancer.

2013-2014: UI Designer in fintech company "Intervale", Gomel, Belarus.

2014-2015: UI/UX Designer in gamedev company "Wargaming", Minsk, Belarus.


In 2015 I created my Youtube channel, where I started to talk about UI and UX design.

Now my channel has around 900 000 views, but I stopped recording videos some years ago.



In 2016 I published my book about design principles.

I created three design courses: two about UI/UX Design and one about Lettering and Calligraphy.

At the same time, I've started to create digital products for designers and sell them on

I sold my digital products more then 3000 times

Go to my creative market shop

Red Lips Journal

In 2015 me and my friends created a lifestyle magazine for women I worked as an editor-in-chef & art director. The journal was pretty popular. We published one long-read article per day. We had around 10 authors, and sometimes we collaborated with bloggers and brands. We created a great community.


Something Special

In 2018 I've launched my own clothing business named Something Special. It was printing and sewing production based in Gomel, Belarus.

The main feature of the brand was creative and funny illustrations, which I created.

In 2020 we made around 40-50 sales per day through our website. Our clients are mainly located in Belarus and Russia. Unfortunately, I needed to pause this business in 2022 because of moving to Warsaw, Poland.


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